47th: Voices of New Mexico

New Mexico Literary Anthology Now Accepting Submissions

47th:Voices of New Mexico is a grassroots, independent literary initiative designed to empower the New Mexican experience through writing and art.

We are now accepting poetry, prose, and multimedia submissions. Please review our submission guidelines to learn more.

Deadline: November 30, 2019


Madam Millie Press developed 47th, an online multimedia literary anthology to be a platform for New Mexico writers operated by New Mexico writers. 

The idea for this installation has been percolating since 2015 in Silver City, New Mexico, and is finally coming to fruition as an online New Mexico literary magazine based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (for now). 

The goal of the literary anthology is to be a diverse, consistent, and credible platform for New Mexico writers to showcase their best work. We want to broadcast New Mexico voices in the literary world. 

The pages of 47th are open to all New Mexico writers who want to get their name out there as well as to be a part of the New Mexico story. 

Be a part of the New Mexico story. Writing gives us all power. Writing gives us freedom. Writing gives our souls language to speak and sing.


47th is an online New Mexico literary magazine that will be presenting its debut literary magazine in the form of an anthology containing works by New Mexico writers and elements and themes. 

Madam Millie Press does not seek profit. Does not seek funding. Explicitly does not seek advertising. The publication only seeks to be a creative outlet for New Mexico storytellers who are willing to put themselves out there and create. 

Madam Millie Press will also be presenting other multimedia projects in the future.


Madam Millie Press exists online and will remain online for environmental purposes. 
This literary project will remain New Mexico focused. We wish to publish works that are a true reflection of this state. 

New Mexico isn’t just a destination for tourists or a victim of gentrification. Some of us have called this state home for generations, and the work we produce would like to reflect that. 

We encourage everyone from overlooked places in the state to submit their stories. Small towns, villages, and unincorporated communities are just as much a piece of the New Mexico story as Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Madam Millie Press’s goal is to reach as much people in the state of New Mexico and throughout the nation to bring light on the New Mexico experience. 


Right now. 

Madam Millie Press hopes to publish a diverse collection of New Mexico writers early next year in a digital anthology presented on madammiilliepress.com titled: 47th: Voices of New Mexico.

Exact times have not been developed yet, besides the first submission deadline November 30, 2019 because we’re keeping all doors open. 

We want to take the time and consideration during the editing and production process. We do not want to mishandle the works you put your heart and soul into.


New Mexico has a lack of representation in the literary world. Although New Mexico is a diverse place socially, economically, culturally, politically, historically, and artistically there seems to be a gap in New Mexico literary arts outside of academia. 

We are not a literary factory and want this literary and publishing experience to be a quality one.

 In a world of online content, we want to giver your content the best shot it has.